C.A.L.M.S aims to work therapeutically with all young people in County Durham who are experiencing mental health

issues.  We also cater for young people who have been excluded or at risk of exclusion from school, as well as young people in the care system.  At C.A.L.M.S we strongly believe that our three-tier intervention package is uniquely designed to provide early intervention to a wide variety of issues, including the impacts of COVID-19.  In addition, if needed, we offer one-to-one counselling by one of our trusted and qualified counsellors. 


We recognise the vital importance of early intervention for young people's mental health, as fifty percent of mental health issues surface before the age of fifteen.  Furthermore, seventy-five percent of adults who currently have mental health issues have experienced signs by the age of eighteen and unfortunately, one in ten young people have a diagnosed health issue.  Though, it is likely that 60 - 70 percent of these young people do not have access to the relevant services which can address their psychological and emotional difficulties.  Whereas, we at C.A.L.M.S aim to bridge this gap.  These figures highlight there is a vast need for mental health services such as C.A.L.M.S to be accessible to young people and schools as we aim to help them to understand and tackle the outcomes of having a mental health issue.


Early intervention can reduce the impacts of living with a diagnosed mental health condition for both the individual and wider society.  Finally, C.A.L.M.S strive to have a quick turnaround for young people entering our services, and aim to address the presenting issue, even if other services deem it insignificant.  This is important to us as it is estimated that more than a quarter of young people did not meet the criteria for intervention.  A recent survey found for those who have been able to access services, 86 percent of them had more than a six-month wait, and their mental health declined by the time they had been seen.  This is a driving force for C.A.L.M.S to intervene with mental health issues as quickly as possible, facilitating young people to gain a positive outlook on the life they deserve.